Journey Into Nerdery

2015 is winding down, Kevin & Keith are getting ready to keep it keen in 2016! This week they talk about Xmas, indie wrestling, and their favorite comics of the past year!

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In this week's episode the dudes talk about: STAR WARS!!!!, Keith's spoiler rule, Kevin being sick, pie, Superman, Weirdworld, and more!

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Kevin and Keith keep it tight in this weeks addition. They chat WWE TLC, comics, life, love, getting fired, and the wealth of nerd trailer that were released.

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In this extra special issue Keith and Kevin reunited in Chi-City. Why? Because Kevin gets married, and fights the Green Goblin!

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Keith & Kevin talk comedy, wrasslin', DK3, and more dorky stuff!

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The dudes talk about their lives and their loves...comics!

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The dudes talk a lot about life and comics! Fun times!


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Kevin and Keith are back after the break, and they get nerdy!

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It was a big week, the dudes talk about Comics, Hell in a Cell, WWE, Kevin's new job, and more!

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The guys talk this week about Kevin's Bachelor Party, the Royal Rumble, comics, and more!

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People love a good heel, and this tag team is no exception! Kevin and Keith nerdy on baseball, comics, and wrestling!

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It's a new week and the dudes are in good spirits, This one is all over the place in the nerd world, so come and nerd out to the max with Kevin and Keith!


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The dudes are joined by producer extraordinaire, James Webb, this week! The chat about Super Mario Maker, Batman Days, All-New Black Panther, Riot Fest, Arkham Knight, and Andrew W.K.

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Wrestling and comics, these nerds talk about it all! Keith and Kevin talk about the Omega Men cancellation, Cookie Puss, and Night of Champions.

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West Coast trips and headlining sets are cool, but these nerds have gotsta nerd out! Kevin & Keith return after a week and are joined by, friend of the show and Chicago comedian, John Eide. Listen and rejoice!


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The nerds won't let the dog days get to them, not this summer! They discuss baseball, Friday, acid, camping, Wes Craven, Sting, Noelle Stevenson, Cyborg, Omega Men & William James, And Study Group Comics.

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SummerSlam is over and new comic reading is on the horizon! Come with Kevin and Keith as they recap their week of awesomeness!

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It's here! A new week of JIN with the dorks! Keith and Kevin get super nerdy in this one, so lets jump in!

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Kevin and Keith talk about all the best things in this episode! So, come in and join the fun!

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Kevin & keith get deep in this ep...nerd deep! Come along and journey with the dudes!

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The dudes talk about: Hulk Hogan, WWE Battleground, Cyborg, Prez, Goonies Robin, Old Wolverine, Bloodshot, and other amazing stuff!

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This week Kevin & Keith are joined by Chicago comedian (by way of Iowa)...Tommy Morgan. The dudes talk: WWE Battlegrand predictions, comics, comedy, and of course Iowa!

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This week Kevin and Keith puts Keith's old computer to rest. They also chat about the news from SDCC, Comedy Exposition in Chicago, and more!

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The dudes celebrate America's birthday by chatting about the Beast in the East, The Dead, Midnighter, The Spire, Doomgod!

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The boys have a great time talking about things that matter most, comedy and comics!

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In this issue the nerds talk about WTF, Little Shop of Horrors, Sesame Place, WaWa, Kevin Owens, John Cena, Sonny Lieu, Old Man Logan,  & JLA.

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The dudes get real dorky talking life, wrestling, comics, and awesome. So, get in here and be awesome with us!

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The nerds start out the gates hard in this one and then get so nerdy your ears will grow glasses!

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The dudes blast out some desparately needed knowledge to your nerd-ulla oblongata! 

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BBQ, babes, and summer can't keep these nerds down! They recorded a great episode and check it out!

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This week Kevin and Keith are joined by New England comics , Dan Kalwhite and Shawn Murray. These four nerds talk about: Ozzfest 2001Deerhunterthe hangLabyrinth, New Day,  Anchor SteamMad MaxPreacherSwamp ThingMarvel UnlimitedWalking TallDeimosChrononautsInferno, and more!

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Hey ya'll, it's a hot one and we are not talking about Kevin's apartment. Today Keith and Kevin talk about: Miya's, Secret Wars, X-Men conspiracies, Valiant being awesome, DC and Marvel similarities, superhero names, and more.


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It's been a while, but Kevin and Keith sit down and chat with a guest! This week they welcome, comedian and big dork, John Eide. They talk: Avenger AoA, Spider-verse, Batman, FCBD, Suicide Squad, and More!

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The dudes mix-up today and get real nerdy up top! Check out our the great dork-attude here!

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Awe snap, some amazing nerdy stuff went down this week and Kevin and Keith can't wait to share it! This week the dudes talk: Daredevil, Game of Thrones, Star Wars, Superman v. Batman, Convergence, Thor, Lumberjanes, and more!

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Keith and Kevin get nerdy, but still cool! Right? They're still cool?! Listen and find out.

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The dudes are together again! Kevin joins Keith in Chi-city! The dudes talk: WrestleMania, high smarts, Ten Commandments, Convergence, wedding, Inhumans, and some Todd action!

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Sorry for the lateness, we had a WrestleMania hangover! Enjoy us nerding out like real nerds!

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This week the dudes talk about: Marvel War of Heroes, WWE NXT, Road to Wrestlemania, THOR, comics, and other cool stuff!

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In this issue the nerds talk about Lovecraft, Pi Day, DC costumes, Ring of Honor, Providence Rhode Island, Hellboy, Howard the Duck, Star Wars, and more!

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Get ready for a weekly dose of dorkatude! Kevin and Keith nerd it up on all levels. 

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The dudes talk about: Leonard Nimoy, Soccer, Charles Mingus, Herbie Hancock, board games, Esty stalking, Dawson's Creek, Salt-N-Pepa, and comics!

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We got it! New JIN! Listen, love, nerds!

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The dudes talk about: Sports, Men Who Built America, one-eyed cats, Valentine's Day, and of course sweet, sweet comics!

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New year, same attitude in the nerd cave! In this weeks issue the dudes dude out and talk about: DC "Reboot", Zelda, Daredevil, Ms. Marvel vs. Racism, and sweet, sweet comics!

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It's here! One year of Journey Into Nerdery! Check it out, and thanks for nerding out with us!

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The cold can't keep these nerds away! Keith and Kevin chat about: Ace Frehley, Snow, Goonies, leisure science, breastmilk, Aquaman, Namor, Wonder Woman, She-hulk, Superman, Ang Lee Hulk, Nick Nolte, Kyle Kinane, The Golden Child, Royal Rumble, C.M. Punk, PIZZA, and comics!

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That's right dorks this issue is all about STAR WARS! Enjoy yourselves!

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The dudes act real cool in this episode, and that's always a good sign. They chat it up about: The heys, mussels, The Underground Man, Janelle Monae, Kevin's newsboy hat, Pitbull, crosswords, Coney Island, Fantasy Factory, bed bugs, cobb salad, Smuttynose, X-O Manowar, Robin Rises, and Adam Warlock.

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2015 is here and the nerds are ready to nerd out! This week the boys talk about: Field Museum, Dinosaurs!, practical puppets, temping, hoagies, grinders, drunk logic, the Legend, Battlestar Galactica, The N-word, shit, Rat Queens, Les Miz, pop, Judge Judy, Batman Annual, Archer & Armstrong, Injustice, Infinity Gauntlet, and D'angelo.

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