Journey Into Nerdery

Guys, its the end of the year, and the dudes have their picks for what they loved about 2014! Check it!

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Happy Holidays nerds! We hope your Superman and Wonder Woman long-johns are hung with care over your fire place. Keith has visions of Batman running through his head. Kevin heard a clatter, could it be good old St. Captain America beating up Nazis on the roof?! Nope, just Journey Into Nerdery!  The nerds cuddle close to the fire and talk about: nerd word, office parties, weather, Farmer's Almanac, lizard people, dreidel, socks, 8 Crazy Nights, divorce, strip clubs, exotic fruits, Christmas Story, It's a Wonderful Life, Ultra-megazord, Jim Steranko, Muppets Christmas Carol, Cameron Stewart, and of course comics!

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The universe is against the boys this week! After three tries over 3 days, a new episode of JIN is out this week! And boy are the nerds tired of talk in to each other. The chat about: LIFE, last night, gloomy, going HAM, role playing, Dumbo, Opryland, Country, Gilligan's Island, Dolly Parton, The White Stripes, hopeless romantics, Kathy, Face/off, The Departed, beautiful flowers, Bitch Planet, The Valiant, and gender politic from two guys who should not talk about it!

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Adventures were had by both of the boys, and you can learn all about them in this weeks episode. In it we learn about: Nora Ephron, Counting Crows, The Black Crowes, Pearl Jam, Bill Burr, Protests, Meatloaf, Port Jeff Brewing Co., artisan soda, Fantasy Football, Cubs, Cards, DragonBall Z, Iron Fist, The Source, Bleach, Angela, and Black Panther.

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 The boys are stuffed after Thanksgiving, and they know that yelling about nerd stuff is the best way to work out all those extra pounds! In this weeks episode they talk about: Xmas, dates, Tinder, Times Square, Guy Fieri, Statue of Liberty, Pigeons, Sting, Survivor Series, Widow's Peaks, My Neighbor Totoro, death, Marvel Media, boogarman games, bagels, Zagat, Green Lantern Corps, Birthright, Arkham Manor, Gotham by Midnight, mashed potatoes, and pie.

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The dudes talk hip-hop, love, reading stuff, 90's lady rock, and of course comics!

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 This week the guys talk about: Venezuelan food, Snow, shawarma, Underoos, hiccups, Superior Iron Man, AXIS, Klarion, Batman, Southern Bastards, and more!

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This week the guys talk about Thieves, bad diets, yoga, sexy calendars, Wu-Tang name generators, Maine Beer Company, Animanics, Pluto Nash, Batman: The Animated Series, Tiny Toons, WCW, Sable, Stacy Keibler, Stipperella, DC: Convergence, Secret Wars, Curb Stomp, Kitty Pryde, and more!

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This week was a full of big news and big surprises! The boys talk about: sex, static shock, Island of Misfit Toys, Halloween, Comedy, Truth, Marvel Phase 3, Black Panther, Infinity Gauntlet, Inhumans, the Valkyries, Saga, Hero Initiative, Marvel: The Untold Story, Carol Corps, and Jack Kirby.

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Challenges were issued, and challenges were met! Rudy Schultz, past guest and great guy, mandates the guys to check out some web comics. The dudes check out Power Nap and Table Titans. Hey Rude dude, thanks. The dudes also talk about: comic shops pros v. cons, Chicago Bears, Death to Smoochy,  kids comics, Art Baltazar, Arkham Manor, Green Lantern/New Gods 'Godhead', Great Lake Avengers, Squirrel Girl, Scholastic, Ultimate Spiderman, Boom!, Multiversity: The Just, and more!

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This week the dudes talk about: British TV, Grover, Bobby Moynihan, Sweet Beth, PONO, Flash, Pride Flag, ceviche, Atlas Brewing Co, Danny Kallas, day jobs, Batman #35, Suicide Squad, America' Best Comics 2014, Copperhead, Ricky Rouse Has A Gun, Shanzhai, Mesmo Delivery, The Rise of Aurora West, and Rocket Raccoon.

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The dudes talk about: Hawkeye, Squirrel Girl, Spider-Gwen again, Batgirl, Three Floyds, Friesenpoint, Gail SimoneStrange Brew, Tom Petty, Neil Diamond, Wonder YearsAny Winehouse, J Dilla, Madlib, Beastie Boys, roadtrips, Willie Mcgee, Shawon Dunston, and all things amazing!!!!

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This week the dudes talk about: Pizza Hut Book It Alumni Program, the new lady Thor, Guardians 3000, Alley Cat Comics, making new friends, Joe Quesada,  New England, Stew Leonard's, gawddamn it Spider-Gwen, adult men stuff, Multiversity, Gotham Academy, new Bat-Girl, Babs Tarr, Flash and more awesomeness!

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This week Keith and Kevin are joined by engineer genius and all around great guy James Webb! James came in and put his Swizz Beatz flavor on this one! They dudes chat about: Micheal Fiffe, good smelling paper, Bill Sienkiewicz, making beer, THOR, Spiderverse, Kung-Fu Kölsch, Don Cheadle, Spider-Gwen, Umbrella Academy, and Southern Bastards.

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It's here! The first episode of JIN where the dudes are separated by geography and money! Kevin finally moved to CT, and Keith is holding down the fort in Chicago. In this weeks episode the dudes talk about:Chicago, "cuddle season", new comic shops, body shame, Mulitversity, Grant Morrison, Ms. Marvel, Lockjaw love, GoTG, I Kill Giants, and LumberJanes!

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Kevin and Keith welcome ,return guest, Sam Norton to the podcast! They chat about: lady loves, marriage, clowns, sexy clowns, Tank Girl, Green Arrow, Wonder Woman, MTV Liquid Television, Spawn: The Animated Series, "hand buffer", MCU, Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice, and special guest appearance by Jim Zekis.

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The boys are joined to day by dear friend and comedy genius, Jim Zekis. They chat about: Macs, Indiana, 'Irreversible', French film, 'Welcome to Mooseport',  Superman movie ideas, sperm whales, Asian cinema, comic sommeliers, and Chicago History.

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A giant-sized episode? That's right! The boys hang out with Chicago comedian, Brandon Patrick! The boys get to know Brandon and talk about the thing that you want to hear...NERD!

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In this week's death-defying episode. the guys get huggled up with some more T-Rex Hugs. Also, we listened to you!!! There's more comic talk, more movie speculation, more magic, more mystery than you could ever imagine. Nerdery forever!!!!

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The world stands amazed as Kevin and Keith are both prepared for the episode! That means NOTES ya'll! This week the boys chat about:Hip Hop Family Tree Vol. 1-2, Moon Knight, Rocket Raccoon, Marvel Essentials and DC Chronicles, Kevin's continued love of cosmic Marvel, and an all ladies Beastie Boys cover band She's Crafty! Check it out and bathe in the glory that is your dork-itude!!!

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Oh boy, do we have a banger today! SPOILERS!!! Kevin and Keith talk about: Guardians of the Galaxy, Batman Zero Year, Trees, James Stokoe, Jim Mahfood, Brass Sun, killing characters, sweet StL hip-hop from Farout/Brett Gretzsky, and Keith gives a shout out to his sis. Check, check, check it out! See what it's all about!!!

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This week the dudes chat about: Avengers NOW!, Wicked + Divine, Ms. Marvel, Rocket, Daredevil, Keith's fruit pies, is it all about boob, and the films and philosophy of John Milius!

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Well, the dudes are back this week, and they got a lot to say. They chat about Batman, Daniel Clowes, Angela, ScarJo, Run Lola Run, comedy, Sex Criminals, and Sports. Check it out or our universe is doomed!!!

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Bill Cruz, dear friend of the show and Chicago comedian, stopped by the table to hang and talk dork. They guys chatted about: gays in comics, plays, Preacher, Musicals, JERKS, Little Shop of Horrors, good dads, writing, Flashdance, Gay Theatre, and Chicago comedy. Check it out!

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Oh boy ya'll we got a good one this week! The boys discuss: DC's Zero Hour, 90's X-Men, and Keith and Kevin talk about their cranks! Will Kevin ever care about 1990 DC history? What will the women of the world think when they find out Keith is solidly above average in the trouser department? And will our heroes ever find out what Keith's shocking real name? Tune in and find out true believers!

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Chicago comedians Rudy Schultz and Todd Massey come by to chat it up with the dudes. They talk about Pathfinder, D&D, Fat Ron, LARP, Pokemon, and LOTR. We get real tipsy in this one! Check it out here!

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Dan Friesen, Comedian and podcaster extraordinaire, comes by to educate the boys. They chat about strip clubs, Lovecraft, Ayn Rand, Supermen, past life regressions, boozing, and mistakes! Check it out here, at iTunes or in the 'Necronomicon' by the Mad Arab Abdul Alhazred.

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Listen here brother, comedian and wrestling fan Martin Marrow comes by the nerd table to drop some knowledge on some jabronies! Will Kevin learn the "get more sleeper hold? How will the world react win Paralyzing Keith Paesel has to defend the inter-continental trans-dimensional belt for the 21th time? And will this dorky tag team ever win a Royal Rumble? Check it out here before these three slam a coconut on your ear noggin!

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In this week's episode, Keith and Kevin talk about the passing of a friend to the Chicago comedy scene. They also discuss Ghost Rider, Iron Fist, JLU, and Green Arrow. SHAZAM, and come with them as they journey into nerdery!!!!

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In this weeks episode the boys talk out their experience at CAKE (Chicago Alternative Comics Expo), more movie news, and the comics they love...well at least this week! Tune in and enjoy along with them; before the Legion of Doom finds their hideout!

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In this weeks episode artist and nerd extraordinaire, Richard J. Pollak, comes by the pod. Rick tries his best to defend this year's travesty (The Amazing Spider-Man 2). Does Rick succeed? Has Keith started to "prevent forest fires"? Will Kevin like the new X-Men flick? Turn on...tune in...and nerd out here!

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It a just dudes episode, y'all! Kevin and Keith talk Godzilla, speculation, Greek restaurant owners, more Chicago comedy, and as always COMIC BOOKS!!!  Will they be able to eat the pizza Kevin's fiance bought for them? Will Kevin have a wicked hangover? Will Keith not work Memorial Day, and BBQ instead? Listen here, and journey with these dorks!

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Friend of Keith and Kevin's, stand-up comedian Sam Norton, comes by to nerd out with the boys. They talk Captain America, Batman's political views, and comedy. Will this episode actually record? Will Keith be able to skate home? Will Sam teach the boys some new words? Will Kevin ever learn the difference between U.S. Agent and Captain America? Listen and find out!

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In this episode... well just listen and find out! The boys become MEN!!!!

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In this weeks episode Keith and Kevin have a blast talking about 90's R&B, Deadpool, Godzilla, childhood cartoons, and good old-fashioned blue collar jobs. Check it out!

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In this issue, Keith and Kevin review their journey into C2E2. They talk about the show they performed in! They chat about their major grabs! They drink and gab about all the great things this Con had! Did Keith get lost and hangout with WWE wrestlers? Did Kevin get cosplayers to pose with his nephew's 'Flat Stanley'? Did Keith and Kevin buy swords? Will their girlfriends still sleep with them if they did? Find out in this issue!

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In this weeks episode Keith is being held captive by minimum wage labor, and Kevin is force to journey by himself! But fear not journeyers, comedian and 'Magic the Gathering' mage, Mike Wiley comes by the kitchen. Mike and Kevin talk Disney, Mike explains to Kevin the beginners way to Magic, and all this done to drinking on Easter Sunday! Will Keith make enough to party at C2E2? Will Mike get Kevin to join his coven? Will there be a lot of pictures? Listen and find out!

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In this week's episode, Keith and Kevin talk about the passing of "Wrestling Buddy" Ultimate Warrior, pooling their tax returns to buy an arcade game, board games, and of course comics! Will the boys drink their way to success? Will they find out what a "barcade" is? What is "gyro-trash"? Say tuned to find out! Check it out and,as always, write in on the comments.

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We are at it again at the nerd table this week! It's a pants-less weekend full of day drinking, brought about by our friends at Atlas Brewing. The dudes chat about their C2E2 plans, ladies get some love with some shout out to 'She-Hulk' & 'Rat Queen, and Keith goes further into 'The Bunker'. Will Keith and Kevin party at C2E2? Is the day drinking a good idea? Can Kevin find his pants? Check it out and ,as always, write in on the comments.

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Comedian, raconteur, and "Phoenix" to the comic book world, Andy Fleming comes by the nerd table to to chat with the dudes. They discuss the intricacies of podcasting to podcasters, X-Men in their many incarnations, Don Pardo impressions, comics adapted from TV, and youthful indiscretion with how comic book women are drawn. Pull up a pint and pod up!

In this weeks episode Keith comes back from a long comedic journey of the Midwest. Kevin held down the nerd kitchen with the help of Atlas Brewing Co. Obfuscation Imperial stout. The boys imbibed and talk about Thor, archers, writers, cities in the Midwest, and the future! Will Keith get back to a normal sleeping schedule? Will Kevin give up his life of data processing to become a god of Asgard? How will our heroes find something to talk about for next week? Tune in and find out!!!

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Things are going back to a simpler time in this episode. Kevin & Keith are joined by the Renaissance Man aka James Webb. This trio terrific talk about gadgets, love, Renaissance Fair, and video games. Will this be a sober episode? Will any video game system beat the N64? Will our heroes concoct a plan to crash a Ren-Fair? Tune into find out!

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Keith and Kevin are back in the nerd kitchen cooking up some tasty delicacies. Our heroes are fueled this time with the distilled spirit of a Cretaceous walking tank, and '90's pop culture power! The boys talk about getting wistfully nerdy, suits of armor, "art", and  Dragonzords. Listen and check it out!

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In this episode our heroes are "sponsored" by the fine folks at Atlas Brewing Chicago. With proper lubrication, the boys are able to discuss some movie news, Keith's birth, and of course the funny books. Will Kevin sell his script or his soul? Will Keith get his birthday wish...WORLD DOMINATION?! Will the dreaded hangover haunt the boys tomorrow? Listen and journey with us into nerdery!!!

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After weeks of team-ups, our young heroes find themselves on a solo adventure. They learn more about the Green Arrow, and his recent adventures with "The New 52"...well since issue 21. And the boys look at Valiant Comics resurgence. And like XO Manofwar, the company is a force to be reckoned with. Will the boy get drunk? Probably. Will Kevin ignore his budget and start reading more DC? Will Keith become part of the Red Lanterns? Things are shaping up to get interesting, folks. Plug in your headphones, and Journey Into Nerdery with us!

We’d like to thank James Webb for the logo to the nerd closet. You can find James’s at

Intro music is brought to you by Ain’t No Love. You can find this song and other songs at

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The delightful 'Mighty Matt Riggs comes by the nerd table to just chat. We really chat it up in this episode and learn that we are all a bit nerdy. Will Keith and Kevin ever find a format? Will the beer be good? Will Matt Riggs ever leave Kevin's apartment?

*Just a heads up there is a pause in this episode due to Kevin's phone. Just a heads up, ya'll.

You can find Matt Riggs at:  and on twitter @mattriggs

We’d like to thank James Webb for the logo to the nerd closet. You can find James’s at

Intro music is brought to you by Ain’t No Love. You can find this song and other songs at

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Issue 2  'Is That Good?' Guest-Starring Mike Lawerence

In the "Giant-Sized" issue the boys get some help from TV's Mike Lawrence. Mike came by the the nerd closet and help the guys out on their jounery into "herodom". They chat about movies, comics, life, and the power cosmic!!!! Does anything get accomplished? Modern age vs. Silver Age...what wins? Will Mike check out 'Saga'? Do the boys get a "bit tipsy"? Listen and find out!

You can follow more about Mike Lawrence @TheMikeLawrence and you can find his album 'Sadamantium' here:

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In this exciting episode our brave heroes confront a terrorizing foe, like no other: CHANGE!!! They  delve deep into the heart of Marvel NOW's titles. Discuss things that are fun, things that are wrong, and (especially) how stupid crossovers are. The boys are really getting a handle on this podcasting hero stuff you should too!!! SHAZAM!!!

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In this issue we find out our young heroes fantastical origin stories! Also, our intrepid "challengers of the unknown" confront their arch-nemesis: Money!!! Will they come out unscathed? Will they find a way to get more books? Will there be another episode to make Odin proud? Tune in to find out!!!

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