Journey Into Nerdery

This week the dudes talk: nachos, Cubs, Logan, woke, Chicago dating, Steve Dillon, Hockey, and comics.

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The dudes this week chat about: Shin Godzilla, baseball, Legion, unicorns, U2, mixology, album recordings, Great Lakes Avengers, Reborn, Batman, Doom Patrol, the Black Monday Murders, and more!

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What an amazing week these boys had. The dudes chat about: WWE No Mercy, NYCC, Lake Street Dive, doing shows, AAW, con talk, new bubbler, bums, the sexophone, soul, Tetris, Ken Bone, and comics!


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This week the dudes talk about: Luke Cage, Rosh Hashanah, Bear in Space, comedy, writing, beard love, baseball talk, Lincoln Lodge, BEAST, beer, wrestling, Penn Station, accidental boners, Saga, Action Comics, Hellblazer, Titans, the Ultimates, and more!

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