Journey Into Nerdery

Sorry for the delay on this episode fellow nerds, but as we all know...HOLIDAYS!!! In this one the dudes chat: cold treatments, nightmares, okay pizza, myth, wood porn, the banjo, Wonder Comics, and our weekly reads.

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This week the dudes duding it up!

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This week the dudes chat: 80's action movies, Wreck-It-Ralph, patenting the internet, Bungalows, and a lot of comic books!

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This week the dudes are back on schedule, and talk about Stan Lee and his impact on pop culture.

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Sorry friends. Life gets in the way sometimes and this weeks podcast was a bit delayed. In the meantime enjoy Keith getting a job offer live and other nerdy, fun stuffs!

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This week the dudes: LA transportation whoas, The Wind Up girl, arcology, tap water, lottery winnings, comedy life, ramen, and comics.

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This week we talk about: Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, mediocre media, LA moves, Secret City, David Sedaris, LA workout fashion, Aquaman, Titans, James Gunn, Venom, and comics!

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The boys talk this week about: LA, extra work, Kevin's broken wing, wrestling, and comics.

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This week the dudes talk about Keith leaving the Third Coast for the West Coast, and comics!

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This week the dudes talk about: Tootsie: The Musical & the #MeToo movement, what inspires art, politics, and comics!

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This week the the dudes chat about: DC & Looney Tunes crossovers, kids and Cartoons, Adventure Time, Keith's move, All In Chicago, baseball standings, and comics!

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This week the dudes chat: leap years, romance, art, acting, mocap, King Kong, Kevin's hot takes, King Kong, Meryl Streep, Beatles, SummerSlam '18, body shamming, NXT, and comics!

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This weeks episode is an exciting one, the dudes chat about: weather, hot, cold, Redbull's soccer domination, NJPW G1, Roman Reigns, proper usages of exclamation marks, and comics!!!

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This week was a mish-mash of everything the dudes like...enjoy nerd!


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This week the boys talk about: DnD and Magic, Cardi B, Offset, Free Willy, Pop, Burgess Meredith, Shazam, Aquaman, Godzilla, and Comics!

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This week the boys chat about: Keith's favorite dogs, Kevin Steen, RL Stine, NJPW G1 Special, Sandman, top comics of 2018 so far, Steve Ditko, and comics!

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This week the dudes chat: Kanye West, audio tech, Degrassi, Edward James Olmos, cover up, #freethenipple, and comics!

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School is in session this week nerd-keteers, the boys talk: WWE MITB, march baby, LA transit, Elephant Man, Cher, Photoshop, Michael McDonald, what is a thot, and comics!

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It's been a while, but the boys are back in town! This week they chat about Keith's LA adventure, Hackers, Porky's, LA fat guy foods, CAKE, NJPWM, MITB, and two weeks of comics.

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This week the boys chat about: Puppies, Memorial Day, jeans to jorts, being breezy, Domino, Cable, Deadpool, and comics.


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This week the dudes chat Marvel/DC editorial staff conspiracies, Gotham, StL indie wresting, DC Universe Streaming, All-In, and this weeks comics! 

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This week its all Infinity War and're welcome!


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Take a listen to this lost episode. Hijinks ensue, marvel trailers, and nerdy abound!

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This week the dudes talk: NBA finals, is Kevin still a comedian, what is comedy, improv, and two weeks of comics!

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This week the nerds talk: Wrestlemania, NXT Takeover, Chicago Magic Lounge, nicknames bum give you, and more!

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It's Easter/Passover weekend but the dudes are still needing out!

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This week is fun fun one! Follow us down the nerd hole!

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This week the boys talk about: David Bowie, Labyrinth, Oscars, WWE Elimination Chamber, and comics!

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The boys celebrate this issue the best way they can...treating it like a regular episode and forgetting it a milestone. It's a fun one regardless!

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This week the boys talk: V-Day, heart shaped foods, Casting Jon Bene Ramsey, Elimination Chamber, D&D monsters, Orcson Wells, Thrawn, and comics!

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This week the boys talk: more Black Panther, King Kendrick, Swamp Thing, Kevin's fantasy book list, comic stocks, and more!

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This week the dudes talk about: Rotten Tomatoes, Black Panther, Stan Lee, Tom Brady, the Baseball Hall of Fame, Solo, Venom, Deadpool, Cable, and comics!

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This week the boys chat: Disaster Artist, State of the Union, RAW 25, Pixel 2, Stranger Things, Kevin's D&D bard, Royal Rumble, and comics.

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It was a light comic book week for the boys, so they talked Zack Snyder, WWE, Keith's Spotify, Thor, Phoenix, and more!

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This week the boys welcome their friend from "beyond the Wall" and perennial favorite Sam Norton to talk all things Canada and Star Wars.

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The holidays are over and these little nerd got everything they asked for from Nerdy Santa. This week the dudes chat about: NJPW Wrestle Kingdom, Star Wars: The Last Jedi, the holidays, Doomsday Clock, Thanos, and X-men.

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