Journey Into Nerdery

This week the dudes talk:The child, Manalorian, Galaxy Edge, Jesus video game, new phones, holiday parties, doggies, Watchmen, AEW, WW84, Ghostbusters: Afterlife, Queen & Slim, reboot culture, and comics!

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This week the dudes chat about: Thanksgiving plans, weird families, iPhones, gangsters, rescue dogs, Survivor Series, Dana Brooke, AEW Full Gear, Chicago Bears, Disney+, and comics.

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This week the dudes talk: Taiyaki, Comedy Store regulars and characters, audio, NYC, being sick, bris, a bulldog named Budgie, DnD Adventurers League, AEW Full Gear, and comics.

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This week the dudes chat about: Halloween, Day of the Dead, trick or treating, bulldogs, wrestling ratings, streaming services, Jordan Myles, Svengoolie, Watchmen, and comics.

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On this anniversary episode the dudes chat about: podcasts, Seal, Nevermore Park, Bubble Boy, adulting, computers, baseball, X-Men, Wolverine stops by to talk about Youppi!, Joker, Ayn Rand, NJPW, AEW, NXT, Hell in a Cell, and comics!

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This episode the boys chat about: AEW on TNT, Kevin Smith, falling, phones, 70 mm, Mandy Patinkin, MLB Playoffs, and comics.

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This week the boys return from a brief sabbatical and ready to talk nerdy! This week the boys talk: SNL, Chicago winters, dibs, Batman Day, HoX and PoX, Dnd, Kevin's trip to Israel, Jim Ross, and two weeks worth of comics!

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This week the boys talk about: Kevin gets ready for vacation, Keith moves up, land and gentry, Bobby Brown, power moves, comparing biceps, being unemployed, chic-fil-a vs popeyes, AEW, The Dark Crystal, and comics.

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This week the dudes talk: sitting up, Charlie Buckets, Tim Burton's Dumbo, swamp talk, The Comedians, dirty Stan Lee, Eberron, Disney vs. Sony, MLS, and comics!

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This week the dudes chat about: Instapets, designer animals, Slipknot, ICP, StL FC, Gen-Con, Havoc, Pride, cognac, and comics

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This week the dudes talk all things nerd over the last two weeks! They chat Comic Con, MCU, Soleil Moon Frye, panic rooms, hollywood legend Bobby DeNiro, Black Mirror, Playing with the Boys, and comics!

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This week the boys talk about: USWNT, short guys, virtue signaling, Kevin's lack of social media, the bar, banjo, Spider-man: Far From Home, MCU futures, Fantastic Four, and comics!

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This week the boys talk: Kinky Boots, a new dance craze, the Muny, magic, magnets, BBQ, WWE Stomping Grounds, vaping, banjo, JJ Abrams, MJ and comics

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After a brief sabbatical the dudes are back! This week they talk about: Chilaquiles, real talk, being ticklish, road music, Father's Day, DIY home improvement, what makes a good Godzilla movie, and comics!

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This week the boys chat about: AEW Double or Nothing, Chewbacca, Conan, Bob Newhart, Somebody has Died, board games, Las Vegas, and comics.

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We are back after a brief hiatus! This week the boys talk about: garbage disposals, Facebook, Kevin buys a house and a couch, swear words in Endgame, Counting Blue cars, AEW, and of course COMICS!

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This week the boys get into it discussing: weed, Bernie Sanders haircut, Michael Rosenbaum, 420, General Sherman, the naturalist theories of Nelson Ricks, the WWE roster shake-up, and comics.

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This week the boys chat about: Wrestlemania 35, UFC, AEW, baseball, Shazam!, and comics!



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Keith and Kevin talk this week about: Bruce Sutter, Opening Day, Skating, podcasting, LA living, burgers, Wrestlemania 35, and comics!

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This week the boys chat about: trips, snacks, Del Taco, Stan Lee, Astroburger, Age of X, Dark Horse comics, German Shepards, Werner Herzog, and comics!

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This week the boys chat about: Brie Larson's feet, Wikifeet, telemarketing, Ellen, minority majority, internet trolls, the garbage human beings behind Comicgate, GoT, WWE Fastlane, and comics!


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This week is a quick episode! The dudes try to chat about Royal Rumble, the "Big Game", and comics...all before Kevin dies of mold. Just listen fellow nerds!

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This week the dudes chat about: Kevin's trip, buying props, crank palaces, art, Art, Jaws the Ride, Super Bowl predictions, magik in sports, and comics!

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This week the dudes chat: fast food, 2019 predictions, Keith in the movies, DaBomb, Kevin's fitness, AEW, 2019 comics, sexy Heroes in Crisis, and comics!

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This week the dudes chat: Aquaman, Magic Tricks, Magic the Gathering, Zack Snyder, Keith has two trips, Elvis, and our favorite nerdery of 2018!

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