Journey Into Nerdery

This week this dudes can't get enough of: Richard Lester, the 2016 presidential debates, PBS, war, applause, DiGiornos, the Washington football team, house shows, Clash of Champions, and comics!


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this week the dudes chat about: birthdays, Cooperstown, Baseball Hall of Fame, Justice League, WWE, Cesaro, Young Animal, Power Hour!, Jordan fears, churros, and comics.

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These grown-up nerds talk about: puppets, NYC weirdos, Louis C.K., fantasy football, Manchester soccer, fake weed, Jesus birthday, WWE Backlash, Civil War 2, Superman, Godzilla, Cyborg, Sexcastle, Paper Girls, & Batman.

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This week the boys talk about: DC, Elsie Fest, lunch boxes, cool kids clothes, TMNT & the 80's, kids being kids, Labor Day, wrestling, Saga, Tokyo Ghost, Future Quest, Milestone Comics, Icon, Captain America, Chrononauts.

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