Journey Into Nerdery

In this issue, Keith and Kevin review their journey into C2E2. They talk about the show they performed in! They chat about their major grabs! They drink and gab about all the great things this Con had! Did Keith get lost and hangout with WWE wrestlers? Did Kevin get cosplayers to pose with his nephew's 'Flat Stanley'? Did Keith and Kevin buy swords? Will their girlfriends still sleep with them if they did? Find out in this issue!

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In this weeks episode Keith is being held captive by minimum wage labor, and Kevin is force to journey by himself! But fear not journeyers, comedian and 'Magic the Gathering' mage, Mike Wiley comes by the kitchen. Mike and Kevin talk Disney, Mike explains to Kevin the beginners way to Magic, and all this done to drinking on Easter Sunday! Will Keith make enough to party at C2E2? Will Mike get Kevin to join his coven? Will there be a lot of pictures? Listen and find out!

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In this week's episode, Keith and Kevin talk about the passing of "Wrestling Buddy" Ultimate Warrior, pooling their tax returns to buy an arcade game, board games, and of course comics! Will the boys drink their way to success? Will they find out what a "barcade" is? What is "gyro-trash"? Say tuned to find out! Check it out and,as always, write in on the comments.

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We are at it again at the nerd table this week! It's a pants-less weekend full of day drinking, brought about by our friends at Atlas Brewing. The dudes chat about their C2E2 plans, ladies get some love with some shout out to 'She-Hulk' & 'Rat Queen, and Keith goes further into 'The Bunker'. Will Keith and Kevin party at C2E2? Is the day drinking a good idea? Can Kevin find his pants? Check it out and ,as always, write in on the comments.

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