Journey Into Nerdery

This week the boys talk about: Macy's Thanksgiving  Day Parade, cuffs, fancy dress, work, comedy, thanksgiving creations, music services, top 5 albums, Saddle Creek Records, Mag Mile Lights Festival, and comics.

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It's Thanksgiving day and Keith and I are stuffed with sweet, sweet nerdy goodness! This week the we chat about: Comedy, 70's Dr. Strange, Kanye West, Thanksgiving plans, Canadian Thanksgiving, WWE Survivor Series, NXT Takeover: Toronto, and comics!

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This week the dudes talk: too much about the election, comedy, A tribe Called Quest, Survivor Series, Dave Chappelle, White Hen, DBZ, Ghost in a Shell, and comics!

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In this week's episode the nerds talk: the 2016 election, Cubs, NYC Marathon, Keith's Minneapolis shows, Dr. Strange, Rod Stewart, and comics!

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This week the dude get distracted by the world series, but they still get into some sweet nerd life. The chat about: Google phones, classy hotels, "boats", Hell in a Cell, Cubs, Keith's acid trip, mansplaining, butter, Steve Buscemi, Seven to Eternity, Bloodshot, Saga, and more!

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