Journey Into Nerdery

The cold can't keep these nerds away! Keith and Kevin chat about: Ace Frehley, Snow, Goonies, leisure science, breastmilk, Aquaman, Namor, Wonder Woman, She-hulk, Superman, Ang Lee Hulk, Nick Nolte, Kyle Kinane, The Golden Child, Royal Rumble, C.M. Punk, PIZZA, and comics!

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That's right dorks this issue is all about STAR WARS! Enjoy yourselves!

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The dudes act real cool in this episode, and that's always a good sign. They chat it up about: The heys, mussels, The Underground Man, Janelle Monae, Kevin's newsboy hat, Pitbull, crosswords, Coney Island, Fantasy Factory, bed bugs, cobb salad, Smuttynose, X-O Manowar, Robin Rises, and Adam Warlock.

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2015 is here and the nerds are ready to nerd out! This week the boys talk about: Field Museum, Dinosaurs!, practical puppets, temping, hoagies, grinders, drunk logic, the Legend, Battlestar Galactica, The N-word, shit, Rat Queens, Les Miz, pop, Judge Judy, Batman Annual, Archer & Armstrong, Injustice, Infinity Gauntlet, and D'angelo.

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