Journey Into Nerdery

This week was a good one guys! The dudes stay on topic, but get distracted by Smackdown! Also, Kevin might have joined a "cult". Also, also comics!

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The shorts may slowly being put away, but these boys are still seeing up hot nerdy takes. Also this week the boys are surprised by Chicago comedians Max Friedman and Adam Kroshus.

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This week these intrepid nerds chat about: G1 Summit in NJPW, Metal, Duke Thomas, decks, smashing etiquette, Rebirth before Rebirth, so many Crisis, Geoff Johns, Keith's top 5 wrestlers now, and comics we read!

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This week these nerds talk about: Summer Slam lineups, being "Broken", walking, America's Pastime, deli sandwiches, gym talk, nickname jerseys, and comics!

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This week Kevin and Keith talk about: babies having babies, Unfaithful, their adolescent boner movies, writer's rooms, "getting passed", ideas and the coffee that inspires them, The Negro Leagues, meta-Batman. and comics!

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