Journey Into Nerdery

This week the dudes talk about: Rogue One, Kevin becomes a supporter, soccer, the love of bowling, force choke jokes, the rise and fall of Republics, and comics!


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This week the boys chat about: quitting your job, cheesesteak economics, Chicago, role playing, adorableness, Spider-man: Homecoming, and comics!

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This week the guys chat about: anniversaries, Holiday Inn, tap dancing, jokes, Guardians of the Galaxy vol.2, lamb, the Hot Stove, The Wild & Wonderful Whites of West Virginia, Michael Flatley, WWE TLC, and comics!

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This week the boys talk about: Macy's Thanksgiving  Day Parade, cuffs, fancy dress, work, comedy, thanksgiving creations, music services, top 5 albums, Saddle Creek Records, Mag Mile Lights Festival, and comics.

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It's Thanksgiving day and Keith and I are stuffed with sweet, sweet nerdy goodness! This week the we chat about: Comedy, 70's Dr. Strange, Kanye West, Thanksgiving plans, Canadian Thanksgiving, WWE Survivor Series, NXT Takeover: Toronto, and comics!

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This week the dudes talk: too much about the election, comedy, A tribe Called Quest, Survivor Series, Dave Chappelle, White Hen, DBZ, Ghost in a Shell, and comics!

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In this week's episode the nerds talk: the 2016 election, Cubs, NYC Marathon, Keith's Minneapolis shows, Dr. Strange, Rod Stewart, and comics!

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This week the dude get distracted by the world series, but they still get into some sweet nerd life. The chat about: Google phones, classy hotels, "boats", Hell in a Cell, Cubs, Keith's acid trip, mansplaining, butter, Steve Buscemi, Seven to Eternity, Bloodshot, Saga, and more!

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This week the dudes talk: nachos, Cubs, Logan, woke, Chicago dating, Steve Dillon, Hockey, and comics.

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The dudes this week chat about: Shin Godzilla, baseball, Legion, unicorns, U2, mixology, album recordings, Great Lakes Avengers, Reborn, Batman, Doom Patrol, the Black Monday Murders, and more!

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What an amazing week these boys had. The dudes chat about: WWE No Mercy, NYCC, Lake Street Dive, doing shows, AAW, con talk, new bubbler, bums, the sexophone, soul, Tetris, Ken Bone, and comics!


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This week the dudes talk about: Luke Cage, Rosh Hashanah, Bear in Space, comedy, writing, beard love, baseball talk, Lincoln Lodge, BEAST, beer, wrestling, Penn Station, accidental boners, Saga, Action Comics, Hellblazer, Titans, the Ultimates, and more!

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This week this dudes can't get enough of: Richard Lester, the 2016 presidential debates, PBS, war, applause, DiGiornos, the Washington football team, house shows, Clash of Champions, and comics!


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this week the dudes chat about: birthdays, Cooperstown, Baseball Hall of Fame, Justice League, WWE, Cesaro, Young Animal, Power Hour!, Jordan fears, churros, and comics.

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These grown-up nerds talk about: puppets, NYC weirdos, Louis C.K., fantasy football, Manchester soccer, fake weed, Jesus birthday, WWE Backlash, Civil War 2, Superman, Godzilla, Cyborg, Sexcastle, Paper Girls, & Batman.

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This week the boys talk about: DC, Elsie Fest, lunch boxes, cool kids clothes, TMNT & the 80's, kids being kids, Labor Day, wrestling, Saga, Tokyo Ghost, Future Quest, Milestone Comics, Icon, Captain America, Chrononauts.

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This week the dudes chat about: coffee, the Devil'd Trumpet, caloric level 0, BMI, comedy talk, wrestling, Mr. Fuji, Brooklyn adventures, Captain America, sneezing, and comics!

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This week the dudes mark the end of summer with some SummerSlam 2016 talk! They also chat about: NXT Takeover II, NPR, fish sauce, Terri Gross, David Sedaris, expenses, gluten free pasta, Neo-Futurists, WWE Universal Title controversy, and comics!


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This issue is a good one journey-keteers! The dudes chat about: Underoos, skid marks, gaul bladders, cannoli, Tribeca, dads, Ron Darling, John Kruk, cooking beer, Suicide Squad: Redux, Star Wars: Rogue One, Stranger Things, Fraggle Rock, the rich, and comic books!


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This week the sweet boyz chat about: steaks, taxes, benefits, Trump, bums, Knicks, Augments & Grievances, mustard v. ketchup, comedy, RAW, Suicide Squad, comic books.

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This week the dudes chat about: David Mamet, WWE Battlegrounds, RAW V. Smackdown, Disable Planets, farts, Jack, Marc Ecko, Dirty Stan Lee, pitching, Cleveland, ADR, Camp Lo, and comics.


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It was a big week for the boys on there journey this week. They chat about: heat, The Chicago Comedy Exposition, WWE Draft, WWE Battlegrounds, SDCC, Thor: Ragnarök, Suicide Squad, Justice League, Luke Cage, Iron Fist, Defenders, and sweet comic action.

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This week the dudes chat with Micheal Myers , comedian and proud Ohioan! The guys talk about: Pokemon Go, Dan Friesen, happy hour, Ohio, hair, underage drinking, Pitchfork Music Festival, board games, Settler's of Catan, Risk, hard sic-fi, and comics!

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This week we talk about: Dr. Dog, UFC 200, mini golf, beards, pen pals, comedy talk, track suits, cultural appropriation, terrible jokes, feminism, multiculturalism, BvS the Director's Cut, and comics.

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This week the dudes chat about: Oddfellow's ice cream, acid, mushrooms, door, comedy, Broken Skull IPA, bummers, babies, STL, migraines, 4th of July, the Hardy Boys, TNA, Great Lakes Avengers, and comics!

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This week the dudes chat about: Siri, Apple products, Andersonville, Nintendo, baseball, Big Poppa Pump, Pride, Pete & Pete, Roman Reigns, the NWSL, and comics!

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This week the dudes are joined by roommate and comedian, David Philips, and teacher and stand up, Matt Heath. These four bros talk about: Money in the Bank, drug use in wrestling, Sir Davos, high school days, sexy dreams, Mystique, Van Vader, the Pool Wrestling League, swimming, and comics.

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This week the boys chat about: DC Rebirth, Copa America, kicks, NXT, The plane ride from hell, muppet love, cosplay, and comics!

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In this week's episode the dude talk about: Ali, Brock Lesner, ice cream, Hulu, Trump, Cavs vs Warriors, X-Men: Apocalypse, UFC, and comic books!

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In this ep the dudes talk: X-Men, workout gloves, Ben Franklin, Philly, cheesesteaks, King of Prussia, Golf V. Mini Golf, Preacher, Hatchet, DC Rebirth.

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Comedian Albert Kirchner joined the nerds this week. These dudes chat about: future baseball, Penn State, K-Pop, Magic the Gathering, World of Warcraft, the end of the internet, Unbreakable, sick burns, and more!

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This week the dudes talk: Scream, spoilers, Captain America: Civil War Redux, Seamus, feet, funerals, teepees, and comics.

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This week the nerds talk: ROH & New Japan, Captain America: Civil War, Wehrenberg Theaters, Gridiron, Top 11, Monument Valley, 4001 A.D., Punisher, Batman Beyond, and more!

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This week the guys chat about CatDog, millions of dollars, WWE Payback, white trash poetry, comics, and the majestic Jackalope!

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This week the dudes talk Chyna, Prince, Passover, Van Morrison, Trish Stratus, Inhumans, DC Rebirth, and comics!

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This week the dudes talk about: the Clapper, sleep yoga, heartless fish, Godzilla, Dr. Strange, Taxes, Archer & Armstrong, Moon Knight, Copra, Wonder Woman and more!

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This week the dudes talk: Big Gay Ice Cream, AAW, ROH, New York, Bulldogs!!!, Chris Hero, Black Panther, Roberto Clemente, and more!


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The dudes talk about NXT Takeover, Wrestlemania, BvS, and comics!

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This week the dudes talk Batman V Superman, DC Rebirth, RIP Phife Dawg, Fun Home, and more!

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This week Kevin and Keith talk about: comics, Daredevil, Pee-Wee, Zooptopia, and the MLS.

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The dudes this week talk about: air guitar, Patrick Kane, AC/DC, Pogs, Trump v Chicago, beets, Wu-Tang catalogs, Spiderman, and comics!

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This week the boys are joined by James Webb and special pop-in guest David Philips! The dudes talk WWE, meet-ups, CM Punk, comedy, comics, and oh boy...politics!


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Kevin returns from his honeymoon and the first thing he does is record and episode with Keith. The dudes talk: Disney World, Wynwood Walls, South Beach, Fastlane, Shane McMahon, comedy, Keith's birthday, and comics!


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This week show favorite, Sam Norton, joins the boy's in Kevin's NYC studio. They share some laughs, some drinks, and Sam can't let go of his hatred of Batman!

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In this issue Keith waxes poetic on Daniel Bryan's retirement, there's Valentine's Day talk, Kurt Cobain conspiracies, Batman v Superman, beards, and Kevin's love of Troma & Turbo Kid!

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In this weeks episode: Keith schools Kevin on soccer, Kevin thinks he's becoming an NY Islanders fan, Keith adds some interesting terms to Kevin's Marvel ban, and some sweet comic updates!


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This week the boys talk about Kevin's Marvel boycott, wresting slump, hockey, comic pics, dinosaurs, and museums. Its a regular treasure trove of nerd!

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Kevin and Keith start a new 100! The dudes talk Royal Rumble, comics, and everything!

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This week the dudes celebrate with 100 episodes of comics, wrestling, and over all love of all things nerdy. And to top it off they are joined by comedians: Mike O'Keefe, David Rader, and David Philips.

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The boys are over joyed to have Sam Norton, Sharp dresser and Chicago comic, come by for an unprecedented 4th time. The boys talk a lot about Star Wars and emotions.

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New year, same old nerds! Kevin and Keith talk about their NYE, comics, and way too long about Wrestling Buddies!


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