Journey Into Nerdery

This week Keith and Kevin are joined by engineer genius and all around great guy James Webb! James came in and put his Swizz Beatz flavor on this one! They dudes chat about: Micheal Fiffe, good smelling paper, Bill Sienkiewicz, making beer, THOR, Spiderverse, Kung-Fu Kölsch, Don Cheadle, Spider-Gwen, Umbrella Academy, and Southern Bastards.

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It's here! The first episode of JIN where the dudes are separated by geography and money! Kevin finally moved to CT, and Keith is holding down the fort in Chicago. In this weeks episode the dudes talk about:Chicago, "cuddle season", new comic shops, body shame, Mulitversity, Grant Morrison, Ms. Marvel, Lockjaw love, GoTG, I Kill Giants, and LumberJanes!

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Kevin and Keith welcome ,return guest, Sam Norton to the podcast! They chat about: lady loves, marriage, clowns, sexy clowns, Tank Girl, Green Arrow, Wonder Woman, MTV Liquid Television, Spawn: The Animated Series, "hand buffer", MCU, Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice, and special guest appearance by Jim Zekis.

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The boys are joined to day by dear friend and comedy genius, Jim Zekis. They chat about: Macs, Indiana, 'Irreversible', French film, 'Welcome to Mooseport',  Superman movie ideas, sperm whales, Asian cinema, comic sommeliers, and Chicago History.

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A giant-sized episode? That's right! The boys hang out with Chicago comedian, Brandon Patrick! The boys get to know Brandon and talk about the thing that you want to hear...NERD!

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