Journey Into Nerdery

This week the dudes talk about: the Matrix, "cool rooms", Paul Simon, Portland, GCPD, cop shows, bio-chicken, literally, WWE Extreme Rules, Little Nicky, and comics!

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This week the boys chat: AFV, "cancel culture", Hamilton, Hedwig and the Angry Inch, Mt. Rushmore, Native American Foods, "hogs", Mucho, Mucho Amor, voice overs, DCE Batman math, Farside, Midnight Gospel, Riverdale, Liverpool, and comics.

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This week the boys talk: 4th of July, LA fireworks, aioli, Mario, The Great Muta, modern wrestling beginnings, Kevin cuts a promo, Matt Stairs, road beef leaders, Jimmy Ballgame, Splash mountain update, Dr. John, wrestling bashes, Only Fans, Pibb Xtreme, and comics!

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This week the boys chat about: Coronavirus cases rising, Portillo's, Beetlejuice movie and cartoon, Geena Davis, 80's PG, Whatever Happened to Baby Jane, calling out harassment in comics and wrestling, Jaws and fidelity, getting cancelled, and comics!

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