Journey Into Nerdery

The dudes are joined by producer extraordinaire, James Webb, this week! The chat about Super Mario Maker, Batman Days, All-New Black Panther, Riot Fest, Arkham Knight, and Andrew W.K.

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Wrestling and comics, these nerds talk about it all! Keith and Kevin talk about the Omega Men cancellation, Cookie Puss, and Night of Champions.

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West Coast trips and headlining sets are cool, but these nerds have gotsta nerd out! Kevin & Keith return after a week and are joined by, friend of the show and Chicago comedian, John Eide. Listen and rejoice!


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The nerds won't let the dog days get to them, not this summer! They discuss baseball, Friday, acid, camping, Wes Craven, Sting, Noelle Stevenson, Cyborg, Omega Men & William James, And Study Group Comics.

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