Journey Into Nerdery

This week the dudes talk about: Star Wars: The Last Jedi, working from home, Nickelodeon, Tony Little's cartoon career, Royal Rumble rumors & and plans, Lucha Underground, pornbots, Dusty Rhodes, too much Bob Villa, tipping, and our week in comics!


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This week the dudes talk about: puppet sex and the ramifications thereof, drag shows, New Japan Wrestling, The Royal Rumble, BA, the Mix, heels, All-Star Batman, She-Hulk to Hulk, God Country, Titans and Manhattan, Batwoman love and more!

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This week the dudes talk about Wrestle Kingdom, Keith's new job, learning to swim, evil laughs, A Goofy Movie, comedy gods, NFL, baseball, Dragonball Super, and comic books!

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2016 is over and these nerd have something to say about that! This week the dudes talk about: Xmas, New Year's Eve, Our Top 8 or 10 comics of 2016, sickness, porn stars, Wrestle Kingdom, heartbreak syndrome, and more comics!

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