Journey Into Nerdery

This week the dudes chat about: Groundhog Day The Musical, Iron fist Redux, camping, Selma Hayek, Chevy Chase, vice presidents, Times Square, Chicago foods, Legion, and comics!

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This week these sweet boys chat about: student loans, school'n, IRA's, minimum wage, advocates, the joys of breakfast sandwiches, yolk, steak v. baby mouths, critics, Iron fist, okay musicals, and comics!

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This week the dudes talk: mascots, New York, team logos, NHL history, comedy, the meaning of "alternative", f@#k boys, St. Patty's, and comics books!

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The dudes get into it this week talking about: subscription services, Logan, WWE Fastlane, Netflix shows, skateboarding, and comics!

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The dudes had a week off, but they are back with a kick ass episode! This week they chat about: LA, Harry Pottter, Pathfinder, Netflix, playing in a marching band, movie talk, King Kong/Godzilla, and comics.

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