Journey Into Nerdery

This week the the dudes chat about: DC & Looney Tunes crossovers, kids and Cartoons, Adventure Time, Keith's move, All In Chicago, baseball standings, and comics!

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This week the dudes chat: leap years, romance, art, acting, mocap, King Kong, Kevin's hot takes, King Kong, Meryl Streep, Beatles, SummerSlam '18, body shamming, NXT, and comics!

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This weeks episode is an exciting one, the dudes chat about: weather, hot, cold, Redbull's soccer domination, NJPW G1, Roman Reigns, proper usages of exclamation marks, and comics!!!

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This week was a mish-mash of everything the dudes like...enjoy nerd!


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This week the boys talk about: DnD and Magic, Cardi B, Offset, Free Willy, Pop, Burgess Meredith, Shazam, Aquaman, Godzilla, and Comics!

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