Journey Into Nerdery

Well, the dudes are back this week, and they got a lot to say. They chat about Batman, Daniel Clowes, Angela, ScarJo, Run Lola Run, comedy, Sex Criminals, and Sports. Check it out or our universe is doomed!!!

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Bill Cruz, dear friend of the show and Chicago comedian, stopped by the table to hang and talk dork. They guys chatted about: gays in comics, plays, Preacher, Musicals, JERKS, Little Shop of Horrors, good dads, writing, Flashdance, Gay Theatre, and Chicago comedy. Check it out!

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Oh boy ya'll we got a good one this week! The boys discuss: DC's Zero Hour, 90's X-Men, and Keith and Kevin talk about their cranks! Will Kevin ever care about 1990 DC history? What will the women of the world think when they find out Keith is solidly above average in the trouser department? And will our heroes ever find out what Keith's shocking real name? Tune in and find out true believers!

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Chicago comedians Rudy Schultz and Todd Massey come by to chat it up with the dudes. They talk about Pathfinder, D&D, Fat Ron, LARP, Pokemon, and LOTR. We get real tipsy in this one! Check it out here!

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