Journey Into Nerdery

In this week's death-defying episode. the guys get huggled up with some more T-Rex Hugs. Also, we listened to you!!! There's more comic talk, more movie speculation, more magic, more mystery than you could ever imagine. Nerdery forever!!!!

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The world stands amazed as Kevin and Keith are both prepared for the episode! That means NOTES ya'll! This week the boys chat about:Hip Hop Family Tree Vol. 1-2, Moon Knight, Rocket Raccoon, Marvel Essentials and DC Chronicles, Kevin's continued love of cosmic Marvel, and an all ladies Beastie Boys cover band She's Crafty! Check it out and bathe in the glory that is your dork-itude!!!

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Oh boy, do we have a banger today! SPOILERS!!! Kevin and Keith talk about: Guardians of the Galaxy, Batman Zero Year, Trees, James Stokoe, Jim Mahfood, Brass Sun, killing characters, sweet StL hip-hop from Farout/Brett Gretzsky, and Keith gives a shout out to his sis. Check, check, check it out! See what it's all about!!!

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This week the dudes chat about: Avengers NOW!, Wicked + Divine, Ms. Marvel, Rocket, Daredevil, Keith's fruit pies, is it all about boob, and the films and philosophy of John Milius!

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