Journey Into Nerdery

Dan Friesen, Comedian and podcaster extraordinaire, comes by to educate the boys. They chat about strip clubs, Lovecraft, Ayn Rand, Supermen, past life regressions, boozing, and mistakes! Check it out here, at iTunes or in the 'Necronomicon' by the Mad Arab Abdul Alhazred.

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Listen here brother, comedian and wrestling fan Martin Marrow comes by the nerd table to drop some knowledge on some jabronies! Will Kevin learn the "get more sleeper hold? How will the world react win Paralyzing Keith Paesel has to defend the inter-continental trans-dimensional belt for the 21th time? And will this dorky tag team ever win a Royal Rumble? Check it out here before these three slam a coconut on your ear noggin!

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In this week's episode, Keith and Kevin talk about the passing of a friend to the Chicago comedy scene. They also discuss Ghost Rider, Iron Fist, JLU, and Green Arrow. SHAZAM, and come with them as they journey into nerdery!!!!

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In this weeks episode the boys talk out their experience at CAKE (Chicago Alternative Comics Expo), more movie news, and the comics they love...well at least this week! Tune in and enjoy along with them; before the Legion of Doom finds their hideout!

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In this weeks episode artist and nerd extraordinaire, Richard J. Pollak, comes by the pod. Rick tries his best to defend this year's travesty (The Amazing Spider-Man 2). Does Rick succeed? Has Keith started to "prevent forest fires"? Will Kevin like the new X-Men flick? Turn on...tune in...and nerd out here!

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