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BBQ, babes, and summer can't keep these nerds down! They recorded a great episode and check it out!

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This week Kevin and Keith are joined by New England comics , Dan Kalwhite and Shawn Murray. These four nerds talk about: Ozzfest 2001Deerhunterthe hangLabyrinth, New Day,  Anchor SteamMad MaxPreacherSwamp ThingMarvel UnlimitedWalking TallDeimosChrononautsInferno, and more!

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Hey ya'll, it's a hot one and we are not talking about Kevin's apartment. Today Keith and Kevin talk about: Miya's, Secret Wars, X-Men conspiracies, Valiant being awesome, DC and Marvel similarities, superhero names, and more.


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It's been a while, but Kevin and Keith sit down and chat with a guest! This week they welcome, comedian and big dork, John Eide. They talk: Avenger AoA, Spider-verse, Batman, FCBD, Suicide Squad, and More!

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