Journey Into Nerdery

It a just dudes episode, y'all! Kevin and Keith talk Godzilla, speculation, Greek restaurant owners, more Chicago comedy, and as always COMIC BOOKS!!!  Will they be able to eat the pizza Kevin's fiance bought for them? Will Kevin have a wicked hangover? Will Keith not work Memorial Day, and BBQ instead? Listen here, and journey with these dorks!

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Friend of Keith and Kevin's, stand-up comedian Sam Norton, comes by to nerd out with the boys. They talk Captain America, Batman's political views, and comedy. Will this episode actually record? Will Keith be able to skate home? Will Sam teach the boys some new words? Will Kevin ever learn the difference between U.S. Agent and Captain America? Listen and find out!

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In this episode... well just listen and find out! The boys become MEN!!!!

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In this weeks episode Keith and Kevin have a blast talking about 90's R&B, Deadpool, Godzilla, childhood cartoons, and good old-fashioned blue collar jobs. Check it out!

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