Journey Into Nerdery

Thanksgiving got the better of the the dudes, but they steeled themselves, defeated multiple food comas to bring you a special weekend nerd chat!

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This week the dudes talk about: production, teleportation, the Champ, khachapuri, Chicago indie hip-hop, cards, Keith's shelf, Cody Rhodes, Ducks, NFL, Tony LaRussa, wrestling, Power Rangers, and comics!

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This week the dudes talk: catchphrases, sound boards, Pete and Pete, douche bro comedy, Richard Pryor, roommates, egg eating and genocide, AEW Games, old wrestling fans, playing cards, childhood gambling, cigarettes, tonsil stones, ET cakes, and comics!

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This week the dudes chat about: the 2020 Election, taxes, Halloween recap, candy corn apologists, skittle brau, winter beer, drugs, dreams, the Dodgers, baseball, Keith's stock portfolio, the Mandolorian, and comics!

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