Journey Into Nerdery

Comedian, raconteur, and "Phoenix" to the comic book world, Andy Fleming comes by the nerd table to to chat with the dudes. They discuss the intricacies of podcasting to podcasters, X-Men in their many incarnations, Don Pardo impressions, comics adapted from TV, and youthful indiscretion with how comic book women are drawn. Pull up a pint and pod up!

In this weeks episode Keith comes back from a long comedic journey of the Midwest. Kevin held down the nerd kitchen with the help of Atlas Brewing Co. Obfuscation Imperial stout. The boys imbibed and talk about Thor, archers, writers, cities in the Midwest, and the future! Will Keith get back to a normal sleeping schedule? Will Kevin give up his life of data processing to become a god of Asgard? How will our heroes find something to talk about for next week? Tune in and find out!!!

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Things are going back to a simpler time in this episode. Kevin & Keith are joined by the Renaissance Man aka James Webb. This trio terrific talk about gadgets, love, Renaissance Fair, and video games. Will this be a sober episode? Will any video game system beat the N64? Will our heroes concoct a plan to crash a Ren-Fair? Tune into find out!

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Keith and Kevin are back in the nerd kitchen cooking up some tasty delicacies. Our heroes are fueled this time with the distilled spirit of a Cretaceous walking tank, and '90's pop culture power! The boys talk about getting wistfully nerdy, suits of armor, "art", and  Dragonzords. Listen and check it out!

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In this episode our heroes are "sponsored" by the fine folks at Atlas Brewing Chicago. With proper lubrication, the boys are able to discuss some movie news, Keith's birth, and of course the funny books. Will Kevin sell his script or his soul? Will Keith get his birthday wish...WORLD DOMINATION?! Will the dreaded hangover haunt the boys tomorrow? Listen and journey with us into nerdery!!!

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